Ding Dong Bell Nursery Rhymes | Animation Songs for Children

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Ding Dong Bell Nursery Rhymes | Animation Cartoon Rhymes and Songs for Children "Ding Dong Bell Nursery Rhyme" is one of the most loved rhymes by kids.It has the most enjoyable animation. Kids, parents and teachers can enjoy the cute characters and jumpy song! Ding, dong, bell, Pussy`s in the well. Who put her in? Little Johnny Thin. Who pulled her out? Little Tommy Stout. What a naughty boy was that, To drown a pussy cat? "Children Love to Sing and dance for these rhymes and education videos for kids. Videogyan`s kids nursery rhymes makes kids to enjoy,sing,dance to the foot tapping awesome music and engaging animations.This combination of great music and colorful visuals lets even parents to have fun along with their children. All the nursery rhymes contain original classic tune which helps to relate easily of kids and adults.These popular nursery rhymes and kids learning videos makes your home a kindergarten letting your child to learn and have fun at the same time. "For more great videos for children be sure to subscribe! Visit for more..." "Like us on Facebook for updates on new activities and videos ..... Follow us on Facebook Check more videos in playlist Thank you for your support! We love to hear from you, so please continue to comment, like, and favorite."